Founded in February 2000 in Porto Alegre by Thiago Bacchin and Gustavo Bacchin, Cadastra was born as the 1st Search Engine Marketing Agency, a pioneer in SEO and the management of sponsored link campaigns.

At the end of 2005, the agency opened an office in São Paulo, keeping the HQ with more than 1,000m² in Porto Alegre. In 2008, it began its process of transformation into a complete communication agency.

Cadastra opened new fronts, structured departments such as service, planning, social media, metrics, creation, among others and, finally, in 2012, communicated its full service performance to the market.

Unlike most digital agencies, which were born as producers of websites, Cadastra was born specialized in performance media, and remains a reference in Paid Search and SEO.

In 2018, we changed again, abandoning our exclusive positioning as an agency, but rather as a multi-front business company, based on agency services, consulting services, digital operations services and technology services.


DNA is our essence. What we believe, we transmit, we carry with us. These are our values, beliefs and truths. It reminds us of who we are and where we should be going. That's why we want to share it with you, which helps us to build something more than just a good place to work.


Delivering consistent results beyond expectations through communication's performance.


Become the leader company in digital performance.


1 - Being passionate about always accomplishing the best.
2 - Change is the only constant. Embrace changes.
3 - Failure is not the end, but maybe the beginning. Make a mistake and learn.
4 - Be honest, humble and transparent. Always.
5 - Lead only by example.
6 - Communication is a powerful tool. Use it without moderation.
7 - Your position and status don't matter, but rather the value that you add.
8 - Never judge. Put yourself in the other person's shoes.
9 - Work hard, but have fun. And never stop smiling.
10 - Be curious and challenge the status quo of everything.